Microsoft holding back Tech Improvements on Older XB1 Games

January 4, 2015 - Xbox One - Rumor
We Say: The source on this rumor is the recent SDK docs and unsourced comments from known developers.

Source Says: All of the recent Xbox One tech improvements are not being applied to older games due to the fact that entire games would have to be downloaded again, once compiled with the new SDK. Another recent rumor said that Microsoft has Ryse running near 60 FPS internally, using the new SDK. Killer Instinct was bumped to 900p only after Season 2 was released and the update could be passed as a sequel. The recent Assassins Creed Unity issue (patch 4 required a 40 GB download) was exactly that, the game was accidentally recompiled with a new SDK. According to Phil Spencer, SDK updates are going out about twice a month. You could image the backlash if you had to download up to 50 GB every month, for every game in your collection.