GPU Acceleration is Xbox One Secret Sauce

September 12, 2013 - Xbox One - Rumor
Source Says: The Xbox One SOC seems to benefit from GPU acceleration of video encoding; a technological patent Microsoft was awarded in 2010. The patent covers all GPU-accelerated video encoding. At the time, some in the industry were wondering why Microsoft would apply for a patent to shorten encoding time. Now we know why. GPU acceleration provides faster video encoding than is possible on a CPU alone. It also means potential performance enhancements for a programmable GPU. Looking at some of Microsoft's recent announcements concerning the Mono driver giving developers the ability to write to the metal, or the exclusivity of DirectX 11.2 to Xbox One, makes you wonder if Microsoft found a way to use GPU acceleration to increase performance to a whole new level. Looking at the Xbox One SOC components we do see video encoding and video decoding processors; are these processors and flash memory a part of Microsoft's secret sauce?